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Hey, I’m Tristan Schuler! I’m an avid backpacker, skier, photographer, and all around lover of any activities in the great outdoors. 

I made Trizzle Travels as a place to share detailed trip reports from my backpacking trips and road trips. Whenever I begin researching a new destination to visit, I start by doing a quick google search with the name of the place followed by the word blog.  I find personal blogs provide much more useful first hand experiences and hidden travel nuggets that you typically don’t find on the abundance of corporate travel themed websites.  So this is my small way of trying to give back to the outdoors community.  

I’m currently a graduate aerospace engineering student at the University of Arizona.  Aside from hiking and photography, I am also an electronic musician and film composer.  To know/hear more about my music please visit

If you enjoy the content on my website please consider signing up for my mailing list and follow along through any of my  social links, listed at the bottom of this page. 

Cheers, and see you on the trails!


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