It was a lot of fun reflecting back on this past decade on big life moments as well as how everything has led up to who I am today. I’m sure I’m forgetting some key moments and I’m sure there’s also some events that happened more recently that I don’t realize how important they are yet. 

Overall there has been more positive moments then negative ones.  I know this timeline is mostly a highlight real of my life, but there was definitely some stress and hardships along the way,  mainly with college.  Friends and family come first and a lot of friends were made over the past 10 years, and I’m happy to say most of them have all stuck. The last 3 or 4 years have been my favorite because I’ve done a lot more traveling and picked up some new hobbies: backpacking, climbing, and photography.

Now it’s time to start looking ahead. Some goals for the 20’s: 

  1. Get married and start a family
  2. Travel a lot,  hopefully to all of the continents in the next 10 years.  (Yes, even Antarctica)
  3.  Release 3 more albums, maybe play some live shows at some point
  4. Graduate and get my Masters in Aerospace Engineering. Get A job in robotics or aerospace engineering. Or Both!
  5. Move somewhere with big mountains nearby after graduation.  Destinations high on my list are Colorado, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Knowing me and how often I change my interests I could see myself in a totally different career at the end of the 20’s.  I’ll probably have some new hobbies as well.  But I think all the goals above are attainable.  It’ll be fun to look back at this post and see how everything panned out.

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