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Solo Traveling the World

I bought a one way ticket to travel the world, starting with Bali, Indonesia! ????????✈️. 

I’ll be traveling the world for the next few months. This has been a dream of mine for years. I planned to do it after graduating undergrad, but then got offered a huge scholarship to the University of Arizona, couldn’t pass that up. So then I was going to try again after grad school, but I graduated in December 2020 when COVID shut down much of the world. So a few years delayed, but I’m finally doing it. My job has granted me a few months of Leave Without Pay to pursue this ????????. So not exactly the gap year initially planned after school, but still going to be the trip of a lifetime!

I’m using an app called Polar Steps to track my journey.  The app makes a map of weverywhere I visit, and then I add photos and short blog posts along the way. See below for a preview, but for the best experience, please click the link to to view on the Polar Steps website or app. 

Thanks for following along, and let the RTW adventure begin!

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