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Hi, I’m Tristan Schuler and I’m an avid backpacker, photographer, and travel blogger currently residing in Alexandria, Virginia.  I got into photography and backpacking around the same time in 2016 after going on my first backpacking trip to the Adirondack Mountains with my dad in upstate New York.  I’ve been traveling, hiking, and taking photos/videos of my journeys ever since.  My primary style of photography and videography is nature and adventure inspired;  however new cities, people, and culture also further inspire me.  I hope that we can form a mutual partnership and I believe that I can produce unique imagery to showcase your products and/or vision in the wild.


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The Trusty Dacia Duster
Drink Glacier Water
Hetchy Hetchy at night


Across all of my social channels, I have a reach over over 6,000 active followers. On this blog, Trizzle Travels, I average about 1000 readers a month on my trip reports. Over 80% of my website visitors are through organic internet searches and has seen consistent growth since I started this website in late 2017.

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